• Which doors can WEIMA electro-mechanical cylinde be installed on?
  • WEIMA electro-mechanical cylinder belongs to standard Euro-profile cylinder, matches with all kinds of European lock.You can choose different electronic cylinder with different length according to the different door thickness. Our customer service will recommend the corresponding model and specification to you after you measure the door dimension and take three photos to our customer service by the guidance of customer service.
  • How will the electronic cylinder be installed on the door?
  • Two ways can install our cylinders, Firstly, you can call our service hotline 400-887-9017 and tell us the installing address. We will provide the payable service within the service scope after getting your consent. Secondly, if you like to install by yourself, you can refer to our installment video and consult the online service by Wechat official account( ID:R-WIMA). You can also call our service hotline 400-887-9017at any time for any further installment problems.
  • Can the cylinder continue to be used in case of no power?
  • WEIMA intelligent cylinder will alarm with beep sound under the low power.If the batteries have run out and not changed, the electronic cylinder will be the same as the common mechanical cylinder, the keys can also unlock and lock the door as the common mechanical keys.
  • How to change the batteries of the cylinder?
  • Screw down the round knob on the cylinder’s inside and remove the old batteries from cylinder,then put into the new 1.5V alkaline battery(Not 12V high-voltage battery).
    You can buy the standard batteries by calling 400-887-9017.
  • Which is safer for the WEIMA cylinder and fingerprint code lock?
  • WEIMA intelligent cylinder is designed to solve the anti-picking and anti-theft problems, more concentrate on the security. It is more convenient and intelligent for fingerprint code lock to use. But the intelligence +convenience≠security. The security is the first key of the door cylinder. So the WEIMA electronic cylinder will be better on security. If you want both security and intelligence, WEIMA A6800 lock series will be very proper with safe electronic cylinder and convenient intelligent fingerprint and code.
  • How many chip keys for one cylinder?
  • At most 20pcs chip keys for one cylinder.
  • Is it possible to unlock more than one cylinders with the same set of keys?
  • OK, but it need to be customized.
  • Why can the cylinder not be linked with the multifunctional gateway?
  • Maybe the firmware version of the gateway too low, it need to update to the latest version and connect with the cylinder. Generally the new multifunctional gateway can be connected with cylinder after being updated into the latest version.
  • The key can not rotate with one beep sound when inserting before the cylinder have not been installed on the door
  • The arc top of the keyhole must be upwards and black glue surface downwards when testing the cylinder in your hand
  • The key can not rotate and alert to register repeatedly when inserting
  • The key have not touched the hole bottom due to thick anti-drill cover and make the electronic identification failed.The problem will be solved to adjust the anti-drill cover’s thickness or change into thinner anti-drill cover.
  • How to handle without the gateway?
  • The WEIMA intelligent cylinder is still one high security cylinder without the gateway , only the chip key can not interact with your smart mobile. Other functions are still existing as anti-picking, anti-theft,anti-losing, alarm for forgetting to take out keys.
  • How is the key number confirmed on APP?
  • Insert one key at random and check the key number on APP diary. You can rename the key to extinguish (ex.key 1) on the APP key management page, so do the other keys.
  • Don’t find the intelligent cylinder icon on APP.
  • Possibly you are using the first generation multifunctional gateway which not supporting the cylinder connection.
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